Ad Hoc

A revolutionary concept for the lift world

The company’s new route is also reflected in the Ad Hoc line, the evolution of IGV Group’s DNA
which has its own vocation in the special project.

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    IGV Group’s new route is reflected in the Ad Hoc line, the evolution of the company’s DNA which has its own vocation in the special project. The lift shall become an integral part of the architecture. Ad Hoc is a new generation of products interpreted by the most influential names in architecture, in which the lift becomes an extremely customisable design object.

    The Box

    Giulio Cappellini + Antonio Facco – 2020

    The Box is best described as a sensory booth with a fully customizable interior developed around various materials placed in a chequerboard pattern. Chromotherapy, Dolby surround, touch screens for information and fragrance dispensers are combined with a sanitization system that makes a journey in The Box a truly engrossing sensory experience.